December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

When I lived in Laredo, Texas I was Introduced to the DEFEY-PROGRAM. The DEFEY-PROGRAM was a summer program where kids who enjoy helping others do some community service in and out of town. In laredo we made food bags for the homeless and unfortunate, we cleaned up parks and neighborhoods. When we went out-of-town, we went to Bastrop Texas for what we thought was a bootcamp for misbehaved children. When we got there, there was a Sargent standing beside the road waiting for us. We got off the bus and stood there as he explained why we were there. He said DEFEY-PROGRAMS from all over Texas were here as a reward for all that we had accomplished during our summer. We were all happy it wasn't some bootcamp! There was Two Barracks, one for boys and one for girls. There was also a
Mess-hall and a little building that they called the Dg-House where they had the kids who misbehave sleep. When we got to the girls Barracks, there were so many girls looking around and greeting each other. We were assigned partners and a bunk for each pair. all the girls had someone from another town as thier partner to meet new people. I remeber this one girl whos name was " bone crasha" when they introduced me to her I was scared. But then they told me thats just her nick-name cause of her size. We were there for about 3 weeks, and it was fun, but when it was time to leave we were all sad we had our new friends and old friends sign our shirts with their numbers and addresses. I miss them everyday and I would never Forget when we first pulled up to camp!!

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