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Pediatric Intensive Care

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

I was just starting my eight hour day at the hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit when I looked into my first patient’s room and saw her; she was still alive. My heart dropped to my feet. Amber, who had previously been on a different floor, was waiting for a lung transplant.
She was 12 years old; she had been hospitalized for months, and was close to death. Seeing her still alive sent chills down my back and filled me with happiness. I immediately ran into her room to see her.

When I first met Amber, she was introduced to me as the brat; a difficult patient who demanded much from her caregivers. I easily grew to love her through our playing, arguing, and laughing. Most of my day was spent with Amber. I showed her how to use the computer and she taught me how to do everything for her. As much as I brightened her day and made her long days in the hospital fly by, she brought me so much happiness. She told me stories about previous days, and I always loved to make her laugh when we’d be playing a game. She would tell me things like, “You’re too young to work here; you shouldn’t be paid!” Statements like this just made me laugh. Even though she was near dying she was still Amber, a happy, yet at times difficult, and normal 12-year-old.

She changed my outlook on my life and future job. The medical field was no longer just “big money” for me. My experience working at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, have given a face to my hopeful, future “big money.” I could change the lives of children. I have given hours, work, and care to the children at the hospital. The thing that it has given me is compassion, and understanding. Thanks to Amber, I have found that my biggest love is helping others.

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