February 27, 2008
By Anonymous


The truck is full, bay doors open
To save another life is what we’re hopin’
Lights flash, sirens scream

Everyone jumps to action, when we arrive on scene

Hoses rollin, water flowin
On the scene, calmness is what we show
It’s what we’re trained for, it’s all we know
As you move back, we move near
It’s our job, to fight what you fear

Tones drop, we’re at it again
Trucks loaded with a full crew, just four men
Sirens scream, lights flash
Cars move over so we can pass
Responding to a car wreck, pretty severe
We all get butterflies as we draw near

Truck stops, we all jump out
The first thing heard is the people, as they scream and shout
We stabilize the patients, and wait for EMS
This kind of job comes with a lot of stress

Back at the station, trucks in the bay
We all sit around, after a long day
Hoping nothing else happens, ready if it comes to it
Bad things happen, but we’ll pull through it

It’s been a long day, but it’s safe to say
We do it for the people, not for the pay
Adrenaline junkies, pushing higher
It’s all part of being, a volunteer Fire Fighter.

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