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Community Service

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Community Service

The speed limit is the most violated law in this nation and is not taken to the seriousness it should be. Cars are also one of the most dangerous pieces of machinery that has ever been produced which is why the speed limit is put into effect by the government. People do not respect this law because they believe that it is for bad drivers, or people who aren't cool and these people are responsible for accidents.

I didn't take the speed limit seriously until I received my first speeding ticket, and even then I didn't appreciate it enough until I saw an accident right in front of my eyes because a van was driving way too fast. Being cautious of the speed limit is one the most vital parts to being a safe driver because it allows you more time react and engineers assign the speed limits to the appropriateness of the street. Even though driving the speed limit doesn't get me community service hours or the direct relationship with helping people, I know that it makes my community a safer place.

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