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   One summer, I volunteered to help a blind child see the world. Her name was Sarah. I knew she was different from any child I had played with, read to, or even talked to, but I was up for the challenge. She required a lot of attention, but that wasn't a problem. I soon began to notice the simplicity of Sarah's life. She looked at things indiscriminately - without color, race, or nationality. I thought how much beauty Sarah had inside her.

I wanted to know more about blind children, so I did some research. I realized volunteering had turned into a gratifying learning experience.

The next summer, I had an opportunity to volunteer as a guide for Sarah at day camp. I was able to see how other children reacted to her handicap. I could tell she felt different. That summer changed the way I looked at things. Through my eyes, I was able to show her the world.

Working with Sarah has been the most challenging, yet rewarding, volunteer project. She has shown me a different way of looking at things. Sarah made me appreciate what I take for granted. I grew with her. Working with her has taught me as much as I have taught her. It makes my heart warm to know that in this big world my little service did a big deed. fl

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i love this so much!