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Hospice Resale Store Volunteering

June 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Volunteering for the Hospice Resale Shop as a cashier has been a great experience for me. It’s important to me since Hospice volunteers helped my grandmother before she passed away years ago. She always loved the ways they would talk with her and get her books and groceries. I decided I really wanted to pay back in a form that showed I truly was thankful. Although I could not volunteer with the patients because of my age and I couldn’t get the TB shot, I was excited to know I shad a chance to help at the resale

At the Resale shop, I am constantly learning. I am able to practice my arithmetic, while conversing with people of various ages and races. I have met many adults through my volunteer work. One of the most special ones was an elder man named Mr. Eric. He is constantly teaching me about the bands that play on the radio. I also admire Mrs. Leslie, a young adult with strive and ambition. She is always either organizing clothes, talking to customers, helping me and the rest of the volunteers, or making prices for objects. She always has a smile, which makes my day feel happier.
I also learned to put money the shopper gives to me on the counter, so I know how much she gave me. Once, I put this woman’s money in the register, then I could not figure out if she gave me a ten dollar bill or twenty dollar bill.

I feel more mature and responsible when I volunteer,
because most of my friends are probably going to the mall and talking on their cell phones, while I am running a register by myself, and answering people’s questions. I am very upset when my parents come to pick me up, because I love the environment I am in when I am there.

I feel volunteering only three hours a week is not enough. Some children feel that
they should not volunteer before ninth grade because their hours won’t be added to their high school requirement amount. They don’t realize that at that moment they are being selfish. Volunteering isn’t about what you get from it, but what you are doing to better someone else’s day, or what you’re doing to better the environment.

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