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My Community Service

September 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Community Service. Two words with such a big meaning later in life. Everyone knows that lots of community service hours on your resume is AWESOME but it's not the reason why I do it. Community Service is something in my opinion that should be done by everyone. I mean just imagine what a differant place this world will be if we have everyone helping each other. I am a person who gives hours of my time into helping others by Community Service and I'm going to tell you about my community service projects so far.

I do community service out of the goodness of my heart. I have a strong heart and when I see something I feel just is unspeakable, then at that moment I will step in. Just recently, I volunteered at an AID'S walk here over at Forest Park. Why? AID's is something that many people today are diagnosed with and have no way of getting rid of it. So I felt if I put some hours of my Saturday,imagine how much a person infected with AID's will be sooo appreciated. Over this pat summer, I also volunteered with the Jimmy Fund. The Jimmy Fund is a charity that helps raise money for young children who are infected with cancer. I did theatre collections at the local movie theatre and a trailer of the Jimmy Fund was showed to the audience. The trailer to me is quite sad to know that these young children are infected with cancer and what are they to do. I felt really proud of myself to know I was helping them. Keystone Woods is a retiremant Home that I also put many of my hours into spending time with the residents. After I started in early June, I have grown quite close relationships with all the residents. I help the residents with activites, I talk with them and occasionally I help out in the kitchen. I love spending time with my residents back at Keystone because they love it when ocne in awhile youngsters go and visit them. Last but CERTAINLY not least, I have volunteered in the Keep America/Springfield Beautiful campaign. During this day,we cleaned up the Forest Park environemtn with any piece of trash that was in sight. Helping out at this event was VERY important to me becuase I myself am a serious member of the millions in stopping Global Warming. I am also not the kind of person who like walking around and seeing a filthy city/environment so I decided to take a stand.

Now I can go on and on and on and on about my community service past but there's just too much to list. My mission,it to get all others into putting time into community service,and no longer we will see violence,prejudice or anything else that is hurting the people around us.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this peice because I want to get it out there and show others how serious and caring about helping others around me. I hope this reader will get motivated and decide that to make the mission possible, they will put some hours into Community Service.

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