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A New Perspective

November 16, 2008
By Anonymous

My dad has always been big on community service. He works at the Emergency Feeding Program and all he does for a living is pack bags of food and pass them out. When I was younger I thought he was completely crazy for working all day for such little money, but now I am proud of my dad for what he does. He’s had his camera stolen twice from the people he works with but he never gives up and adores his job.

My dad also assists in the Community Lunch at our church. All through December, twice a week, he brings all us kids to Central Lutheran and we help feed the hungry. The first time I went there I was frightened. I thought that all homeless people were violent old men that drank and didn’t like children. When we got there I hid in the bathroom for about ten minutes and cried. My dad told me if I wasn’t going to the bathroom I needed to come out and help. I did what he told me, I went to the dessert station in the back and waited for the poor to come. When the first person came through I was extremely surprised. It was a woman, very emaciated, who smiled at me. I was so surprised I didn’t smile back. The next person was an older man, kind of unkempt, but with kind eyes. He smiled also, and this time I grinned back; I was so relived. And sure there were a few men that didn’t look the nicest. And perhaps, there were a few people that quarreled. But after they were comforted everything was fine.

I met some very kind people at the Community Lunch. One man, a pastor, was very inviting. He told jokes and was very kind. Another man taught my sisters and me games that we still play today. Being in Seattle was very diverse then my quiet town of Redmond and overall it was a pleasurable experience. When I look back at me crying in the bathroom I laugh. I stereotyped many nice people as mean and cantankerous. I realize now that if I never went to serve the hungry, I would still be afraid of people that don’t have money. I have seen a few people get kicked out for arguing or fighting but it hasn’t scarred me for life or anything. It was just something that happens sometimes. Every December I look forward to serving the hungry. Now that I’m older I get to take on more responsibility. Serving the hungry is a lot of fun and you get to meet a lot of cool people. It gave me a whole new perspective of the world. I’m so happy that my dad brought this new experience into my life.

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