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Global Warming

March 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Global warming is by far the biggest environmental issue facing our generation. Although there are plans to slow down or even reverse the effects of global warming it seems like little is actually being done to put these plans into motion and get the ball rolling on this issue. Today you still see people driving around gas guzzlers and the new e-85 ethanol fuel is not being exactly utilized to its full potential. A solution to the gas crunch problem could rest with the use of hydrogen fuel. We possess the technology to have cars run on hydrogen fuel the only problem is there is no refueling stations for them. If someone could figure out how to make that work there could be a lot of promise and money in hydrogen fuels. The gas problem is only one of many when it comes to our environment but you always have to start somewhere and why not start with one of the most prevalent issues. To conserve energy used in houses everyday around the world we can just use solar panels on the roof to power the house. This same principle is already being used to power some stoplights around the country. As for the trash and landfill issue I am afraid I have no simple solution there it seems to be a daunting task find place for all the worlds waste. One way to cut that amount of waste down would be to simply recycle as much as possible. Although these issues are just some I believe them to be the most important and the solutions to them could be as easy as recycling or getting a hybrid but we should start chipping in to help save the planet that we live on.

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