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A Wolf's Life

April 2, 2008
By Anonymous

You’re living in a place where you’re not wanted, you’re not welcomed by many, they see you as a predator but your not. You live your life under protection of someone higher then you. You fear for your life and the ones around you. Your secluded from the land that was once yours, they took it and still want more. They have made movies books of graphic perspectives of you that aren’t true. If they only knew. This is a wolf’s life, where the next day could be that much closer to extinction.

Federal protection has decided that we are going to have our own Holocaust except there are too many wolves we don’t like them any ways so lets kill enough just to be out of our way and let people shoot them any way mean, by car, plane what ever you want just kill them. This is basically what’s going to happen if something isn’t done. In the northern Rocky Mountains, wolfs that live there aren’t under federal protection any longer. And already there are pans for them to be hunted. Its been estimated that there are 1,500 gray wolves in that region and say that its just to many wolves so there allowing Idaho hunters to kill between 100-300 of the animals this fall, a plan approved by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission. They believe that doing this will cut back the live stocks being killed. When its our fault anyways that they are in “our” land anyways. They want and need places to go to and we keep taking and taking and we don’t want to share what we have taken. To me we are a bunch of selfish people who just keeps taking things that arnt ours leaving the other things that live with us barley anything. Now we all know the human population is much greater then the wolf population so how about this lets get out gun and what ever we want and get ride of some people because there’s just too many people.

Basically I be live that we are a big bunch of selfish people who need to grow up and realize that we have to share and that we aren’t the only people who live here and we have no right to hurt any other living thing here just because there are a lot of them coming into our land because they want and need land and food to. We have MacDonald’s, leave some for others.

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avien said...
on Dec. 7 2011 at 12:09 pm
this is amazing I love it i think all of this is true you did a great job on this