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Why Parks are Useful

September 25, 2007
By Max Zhou BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
Max Zhou BRONZE, Bloomington, Indiana
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In a world where complex alternative energy resources such as nuclear energy, solar power, E85 ethanol, and hybrid cars are being utilized to combat global warming, there is another way of decreasing our spewing of greenhouse gasses while also doubling as something useful, that has been neglected: parks.

Parks are on the same level as everyday conveniences such as sidewalks, grocery stores, and roads in at least one way: they can be used by anyone. For example, a park complex could include a swimming pool, a playground, and maybe some soccer, tennis, or basketball courts. The younger children could play on the playground, while the older children and adults could swim in the pool, or play soccer, tennis, or basketball on the courts. There is something for everyone in a park, so everyone’s tax dollars are worth it.

Another way parks are useful is in their contribution to the decreasing of greenhouse emissions. Yes, parks are often associated with trees and nature, but how does this exactly decrease greenhouse gases? It’s mainly because parks are probably one of; if not the most eco-friendly way a property can be developed. This is why many environmentalists campaign for more park and green space in cities. Parks take up space in cities that would prevent another carbon-dioxide spewing factory from being built, or any other structure that would worsen the global warming crisis.

Global warming is only one of the factors in our ever-changing world today. Also is the issue of fitness, and general physical health. Over the years, many technological advancements have been made, and as a result, we don’t have to do much physical work to live happy lives. Because of this, many people in the world today don’t get enough exercise, and more people than ever are obese. Parks help contribute to the effort to solve the problem of our physically inactive world today, providing a way of exercising that also is enjoyable.

In conclusion, parks are very useful, and I believe more should be built in major cities and rural communities alike. They benefit everyone, encourage physical exercise, and contribute to the effort of decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

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