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Hummers, Escalades, Suburban’s oh my!

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

How many Hummers have you seen swerving around the north lot? Roots & Shoots is trying to make MCDS environmentally friendly, but such gas guzzling cars are disrespecting this ideal.
After reading the Global Warming Survival Handbook, our school could certainly make an improvement on behalf of our environment. But hey! If Arnold Schwarzenegger could throw away his Hummer, you can too! When Roots and Shoots conducted a survey last year, they learned that MCDS consumes roughly 6,250,000 lbs of Carbon Dioxide (or 568 elephants, to put it in perspective). They also learned that almost 80% of students get to school by car. Sure, in the city of Miami, we cannot get to school by foot, but carpooling and driving eco-friendly cars can make a difference for the environment.
In August of 2006, McDonalds included toy Hummers in their happy meals so now little children will jump for joy for gas emissions and fatty foods. In a perfect world, they will eat their heart attack in a Styrofoam plate and throw it out the window of their Hummer. With that in mind, at least MCDS can do its part by using cardboard trays instead of Styrofoam plates and trading in the Hummers for more eco-friendly cars.

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