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Global Warming: A Global Problem

January 10, 2008
By Anonymous

The World we live in is an extraordinary planet. It always finds some way to heal itself after a disaster like fire, flood, mudslides or tornadoes. The human race has thrown some nasty things at the environment, but the planet always fights back. Putting gasses like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen and other chemicals greatly hurts the environment. Scientists have agreed that the carbon dioxide or CO2 levels are high, but some people aren’t convinced that global warming is a human induced problem. The issue of global warming is very controversial The problem could be caused by us using are cars and burning more and more fossil fuels every day, or it could just simply be a cycle in the Earth’s life. It hasn’t really been proven which it is yet.
If it is just a cycle in the Earth’s life, it might be caused by the Sun. The Sun’s output of heat and solar flares could be increasing, causing the temperature to rise. Everything that is happening could really just be the Earth, going through a stage of its life like it has before. However, the influence that we’ve had on it may be causing it to speed up.
What changes can we expect if the Global Warming continues? The climate will change actually, it already has. The seasons are getting warmer and dryer, and scientists expect that these changes will just increase. The polar ice caps are melting due to the warming of the oceans. With all that extra water being released into the oceans, scientist expect that this melting of glaciers and ice caps could add from 4 to 9.5 inches of additional sea water globally by 2100. This does not include the expansion of warming ocean water, which could potentially double those numbers and lessen the time it will happen in.
When asked about this topic, Mr. Fiori said that another change that could happen is the ocean currents could change, causing the climate to change more in certain areas. He also said, “That if it gets too bad, will we still be able to grow the same crops we are used to growing now? And will we find that organisms have changed and adapted to the changing world?”
As the dominate creatures in this world, we do have the power to try and change, or at least slow down, what happens to our world. It really all comes down to conservation. Save energy as much as you can. First, turn your heat down. I know we all love our heat, but it would save from using those gases. Car pooling would greatly help. We all like our space, but come on we could just drive with more people to a game or school. We could find alternate energy sources. Burning natural oils rather then gas is a good start, but with our economy it will take time. By using solar energy (the Sun isn’t going anywhere) it will save energy and save your family a lot of money.
We’ve all heard about the windmills, the big white things that will save us energy and money. Many people are against this idea due to the size of the windmills, and the rumor that they make a lot of noise. We can survive without a pretty view to look at in the morning. I for one would much rather like to know that we’re trying to help our planet, rather than just looking at it and wishing it were different.

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