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just stop and talk

May 19, 2008
By Anonymous

The way to solve mass global destruction is to sit down with every other country and talk about a solution that will work for everyone. It's not like I'm some hippie or radical liberal. I'm a jock; a football player mayhem and destruction is all I was taught and all that I know, but when I play I set out to hurt people not kill them. Global destruciton is something that has been going on for years and you would think seeing how intelligne twe are our so we clam to be we would have figured out that violence does not solve anything. But, we still haven't figured out how to communicate with each other and find common grounds.

My plan to solve global destruciton and which would probable solve a lot of other problems with it is to invite every country of the world to a meeting somewhere; anywhere. So that they can discuss what is going to happen if they do not stop there fighting amongest each other. Wars have been fought for years and no matter what the cause is in the beginning the effect of the war is always the same thousands if not millions die.

I hate laying on the couch watching TV and hearing about how the death toll has increased or when I go to check my e-mail and there's something on yahoo about how many total deaths there are in are recent war in Iraq.

So there is my plan its not difficult at all actually its very simple but what are the chances of it actually happening in my lifetime. The chances are slim very slim but I can always hopw and dream can't I.

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