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What Would You Do?

June 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Imagine that an alien race came down to Earth. After they said the famous, “Take me to your leader,” what do you think they would say? To Bush, to Lee Myung-bak, Emperor Heisei, what would they say? Imagine that they pointed to every single leader, and said, “You are dumb.” Ok, maybe that’s not what they would actually say, but they sure would be thinking it. With the current state of the world’s environment, who knows when aliens will be dropping down from the sky just to tell us off? With our rapidly changing environment, the constant increase of gas prices, and America’s drowning economy. For now in America, gas costs around four to five dollars, while in Turkey, it’s more than eleven American dollars. Who knows if those numbers will ever be posted up in our country.
Will humans be the last living things on Earth? We have been constantly cutting down forests and destroying wildlife homes. Will people start insisting on going in to our national parks? The countless animals that have been killed, and all the wasted paper that came from our forests. With our oxygen getting so terrible, we truly don’t need the source of our air completely going away.
The Earth is a constant cycle. It’s like karma, what goes around comes around. If I help you, you help me. If I give you carbon dioxide, you give me oxygen. The things in our Earth all depend on each other. With each severed connection, we’re practically causing a chain reaction. When one thing goes, another starts fading away. Pretty soon, Earth will be nothing but dirt and saltwater.
So tell me world leaders, if aliens did beam down to Earth, what would you do? Right now I’m wondering if some of you would even care. If they don’t do anything, will you? Are you the type of person who plays “Follow the Leader”, or are you the type to step up and take initiative. Everything you could use, you will. Each idea strained until the very end. Will you step up? Do you care enough to save your own home?

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