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The Environment

July 8, 2008
By Anonymous

The Arctic. A place of wonder and mystery. An icy kingdom that's shrinking everyday. Polar bears, penguin species, Arctic foxes, and other animals can only live in these types of places. We, humanity, have caused this, and we are the only ones who can possibly turn this around. If we keep living how we all are the environment will be utterly ruined. The Arctic will melt down fully causing horrible damage to the entire world as it is. Places like Florida and different islands will go completely under water. This will cause over crowding in the surrounding areas, loss of animals speacies, and overall unpleasent times. Not only will full states drown, the melting of the Arctic will mean warmer water, perfect for hurricanes. The meltdown would cause countless, powerful hurricanes that could easily wipe out an entire collection of people and animals. There are simple ways we could prevent this terrible damage from becoming a reality. A few easy ways are to conserve hot water, heat and cool more efficiently, reduce air travel (Just taking two less flights a year can make a large help to the environmental downslide), driving less or driving smarter (Two examples are to carpool or avoid rush hour), you can switch to the more conservative light bulb and turn out lights and water once your finished with them. If you do these few things everyday and educate others to there actions, we can together save the planet froma terrible fate.

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