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Help Given to Recieve

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Bryce Nelson stated “People who will not sustain trees will soon live in a world that will not sustain people.” I do too agree because without trees we would we would not have much of a chance. Only one problem though, if people do not have the knowledge of how to help how can they? More knowledge with more help could give us more of a chance.

If I was in charge I would make a program for field trips. This field trip would help educate others so that they would be able to help, not hurt, the forest. They would have the ability to properly take care of a tree, learn the skills, and try them in the process of learning. At the end of every trip they would be taken to the forest and plant three trees.

Something important for people to know is some tree diseases. For an example is Bark Beatle. It practically eats the trees inside. It starts by coming into the trees. It starts to weaken the trees immune system. It then is starting to kill the inside and eat it. Once it is through with the tree the tree is dead. It would help to save a lot of trees if we all could help to prevent it.

Lastly recycling would help save the forest and with further information could help more than you think. Recycling would help save many things. A lot of things we use include wood: houses, paper, paper towels, furniture and many more things. If we recycled it would save more trees then you think even though we still would cut down more wood for some things but it would still help more than just slightly. Wouldn’t you think so?

More knowledge makes it easier to help. So why not help? It helps you too; if people don’t sustain trees the world won’t sustain people. There is nothing to loose, but if anything, something to help. It’s better to try. Help is change, green is near, help starts here. With one comes a ton. Which side do you choose?

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