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Our Forests Need Help

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

If you could, what would you do to help the forests in your community? Would you ruin your communities’ forests? Would you cut down a bunch of trees to make space houses? That’s what it seems like the Forest Service does sometimes. Idaho’s forests would be better if I was charge. The best way to improve Idaho forests is through protection and regulation.

If I was in charge of Idaho forests I would make no motorized vehicles on the trails. Did you go hiking to ride your motorcycle? That’s not even hiking. Motorized vehicles will just ruin the trails and pollute the air. Gas is so expensive! Why waist your money on it unless you have to anyways? They would be hike and bike trails. That’s the first thing I did for the Idaho forests.

I would also limit logging. If you cut a tree down you have to plant one. I would make a fine of $75 for every tree that a person took without planting another one. This would keep Idaho forests full of trees. Imagine a world with no trees, no one would hav oxygen. Trees are great looking and they are great for the environment, as well.

Another positive change I would make for our forests is that I would increase the amount of park rangers. This would make it so the laws would not be broken as often and when they were broken the person would get caught and learn their lesson.

I would do a way better job dealing with the forests. Trees are great! Why do they cut so many down for no reason? They should just find a new spot for houses. It is OK to cut down just enough trees that we need for supplies. There are plenty of other places to build houses without cutting down trees that didn’t have any reason to go. That’s why I would be so much better.

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