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Forest conservation

October 14, 2008
By Anonymous

This paper will talk about my ideas to conserve the paper. Conservation is key. The best way to manage Idaho forests is through conservation.

First of all, I would help save the trees because they’re extremely important to us and the animals because they give us oxygen and clean our air, and some provide shelter they also provide food for some of the animals in the forest such as bears, they can also provide shelter on a hot day for the animals and the humans. I would help the trees by cleaning the forest, my philosophy is cut one plant one.

Second I would limit the use of paper. We use and waste so much paper at our school, USE COMPUTERS TO SAVE THE PAPER! Save the trees save the world. My school has about 600-800 people at our school so that means at our school we probably use about 4000- 5000 pieces of paper or more per day. If people limited there use to like 2-3 pieces it would be a lot better for us and the environment.

Then Lastly I would help clean up the forests. Each one to two months I would gather a group of the people and ask them to help me and the volunteers pick up the trash and other stuff in the forests to keep our forests green. Its very important for our forests to be clean because of the animals and humans. I would recycle all the paper that I found in the forest unless it doesn’t need to be.
Some of us need wake up and realize if we don’t do anything to save our forest it we soon be gone.

Why is saving the forests so important? Because if we don’t it will be

Destroyed and the forest should stay nice.

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