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Helping Our Environment

November 6, 2008
By beckylovesxx SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
beckylovesxx SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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In my opinion, i think everyone has to work together to make the enviorment a better place. It would feel great to breathe in fresh air. From day to day, when we walk outside, and breathe in air, the air isnt always fresh. Lots of people talk about what we can do to prevent global warming. Not everyone acts on it. With more trash cans around, we hope to see less litter right? Wrong. We have gotta go farther than that. I want to plant more trees, because trees give off carbon dioxide. Conserving on natrual resources would also help. Maybe by saving water, and using less electricity. Over time, doing little things like planting trees, will help the air, and maybe one day when we walk outside, we'll breathe in FRESH air. For this to happen, we have to work together.

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