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Amur Lepards

May 19, 2016
By Icewolfautumn BRONZE, Glenpool , Oklahoma
Icewolfautumn BRONZE, Glenpool , Oklahoma
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There is only 35 amur leopards left in the wild.{ arkive} Amurs are critically endangered.Amur population has become a major problem. Some solutions are conservation areas ,zoos and breeding facilities. endangered species world wide life zls
Amur population is a big problem. The reasons is poachers, no food,and not able to breed.The effects are the population is about to go wide life
Some solutions are are breeding areas. Currently there is  200 Amurs in breeding facilities for a backup plan incase the population goes out.wwf
Zoos will also help. As of Dec 11 147 Amur Leopards in captivity. The zoos keep the Amurs from being killed from disease and food loss.They also provide treatments if the leopards are sick.wwf
We can help the Amur population by using breeding facilities and zoos.This is so important because the Amurs are majestic creatures that need to live.Why we should help the Amurs is because they deserve the right to live and have freedom.

The author's comments:

I love animals including the almost gone Amur leopards their so cute.

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