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Killing Yourself?

May 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Suicide happens very often. It mostly happens over stress. In life you can be very stressed out and not be able to handle the pressure. You just start to freak out and want to kill yourself.

At the ages of 13-16 teens starts to go through stages of love. Some teens break down crying and start to become emo when their girlfriends or boyfriends break up with them. When they start to become emo, they start to cut themself. After a while they don't understand why they keep cutting themself instead of killing themself.

Growing up as a teen can cause being bullied. There are different kinds of groups at every school. There are groups of nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, and all the other kinds. In highschool or middleschool if you aren't in the same group as another group they start making fun of you. You get so tired of being made fun of becuase your not the same as them. Ideas start getting to your mind of killing yourself. You start thinking to yourself "No one wants me in this world. Why do I even bother living?" Youget so stressed out you can barely think about anything. So you bring out the rope and hang yourself.

Why does suicide have to be such a big problem in this world? You are created into this world for a reason. You are created into this world to live not to go kill yourself. Even there is so many stress and pressure put onto you. Does not mean you birng yourself into suicidal. I have never wanted to kill myself. I never will. I know some people may say I don't know how it feels like. Well because all the bad things I let it pass by me. I don't let it interfere with my life.

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