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Healthy Lifestyle 101

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

One struggle most teenage girls have in common is their weight. The pressures to be thin, gorgeous, and wealthy cause major stress in daily life. This ideal body image is not for everyone, bur rather to remain fit and healthy. Diet decisions made within the teenage years form a pathway that gets used throughout a person’s entire life. A healthy lifestyle leads to greater complexion, an upbeat attitude, and longer life expectancy. Now there is a way to develop healthy eating habits, besides going on those painful diets and over exercising. The Diet Book (For Teenagers Only) by Carrie Wiatt and Barbara Schroeder teaches girls to eat right, promoting physical, emotional, and mental well being.
Topics discussed in the book range from diet myths, including restricting certain food leads to weight loss, and tools to calculate whether you are at a healthy weight. A food plan contains vital information on counting calories, sugar, and other important ingredients. Ever wanted to know what those complicated food labels actually mean? You’ll learn how to interpret them, and compare healthy choices. The authors clearly write to educate young adults on the dangers of improper eating, and how to fix such habits.
I myself read it from cover to cover and found some very interesting information. For teenagers, a healthy BMI, or body mass index, ranges from 19-22. To calculate your BMI, divide your height in pounds by your height in inches. Then take this number and divide by your height in inches. Finally, multiply that by 703, and you’ve got yourself your BMI number, hopefully in the healthy weight range. Also included are delicious low-calorie recipes from chocolate chip bars to macaroni and cheese.
The Diet Book is located at most major bookstores for $18.95. If you’re not willing to pay the prize, check out,, or your local library. Happy reading!

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