Crave | Teen Ink


November 18, 2007
By Anonymous

I’m not the bad guy I’m on your side
I may over react, but I don’t want you to die
You say it’s harmless, it eases the mind
You put up this wall you hide behind
You say my lectures are pointless to you
But everything I’m saying is completely true
599 Chemicals ready to kill
Leaving your family with a funeral bill
Two packs a day is more than enough
And trust me it doesn’t make you look tough
You’re poisoning your why can’t you see?
Lung Cancer; you should have listened to me
The nicotine runs throughout your veins
Two hours without is enough to drive you insane
Inhale exhale you’re starting to crave
Six feet under you’re placed in your grave
And if its not you it decides to take
It’s your best friend who’s made the mistake
All they did was hang around
You NEVER thought you’d see them in the ground
You thought it was ok to smoke around them
But 2nd hand smoke is what killed them
There you stand over their grave
All this sadness for a cigarette you crave

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