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November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

How is it that people buy cigarettes still to this day, even though the prices are so high? Do people not know its bad for their health and others too? The government should make a law that doesn’t allow smoking. A law that stops people from getting health problems by smoking or secondhand smoking. This affects disabled, pregnant, children, teens, and your body.

If you smoke there are some serious outcomes of smoking that are bad and you might not know. Smoking causes cancer and not just one cancer many different kinds of cancers. For example lung cancer, mouth, throat, bladder, pancreas, and kidney cancer. When this happens is because smoking doesn’t let your body develop or function right. This makes your body not work the same. Not only this bad habit causes all these kind of effects but it also makes you age faster. It makes you look older than you are. One bad effect that smoking causes is brain damage, so if you think you just don’t remember or you forget things this is because smoking damaged your insula a part of your brain.

Do you know that among disabled or pregnant women the risks of smoking are high? People with disabilities are nearly 50% higher than among people without disabilities. Some pregnant women that smoke don’t know what will happen because of their addiction. Smoking during a pregnancy increases the risk of a premature delivery. Mothers to be that smoke cause so much damage, and harm to their unborn baby. A baby can be born with low birth weight if you smoke wile pregnant. Babies can have a hard time breathing right when they are born. They also can have a hard time functioning or developing right this is because of all the tobacco they had in their womb.

The sad and bad part of everything is that they hurt everyone’s health. Those of us who don’t smoke can get cancer by second hand smoking. Second hand smoking is when you breathe the smoke of a cigarette that another person is smoking. Breathing this smoke causes heart disease. This also causes lung cancer. Second hand smoke at home causes kids from age 13-15 to want to smoke. Resent studies have shown that children are exposed to second hand smoke at home by 46.8% and 47.8% is them exposed to this some where else. People that don’t smoke live about 10 years longer than someone who does.

Many of who is reading my essay and do smoke say “ I can stop if I want and when I want.” The truth is that cigarettes have nicotine, which is the most addictive psychoactive chemical. This chemical wont let you stop or quit when you want. This nicotine makes you want it more. Many people that do smoke don’t believe any of the facts and effects of smoking. To them cancer, brain damage, etc. doesn’t happen in real life. They say this because they don’t have any effects yet. But this is for right now. Because is going to happen someday unless you quit soon. If you’re not too late.

If you continue with this addiction your decision is going to change the surroundings of friends, and family. For the people that don’t smoke, if you’re around someone that does smoke you’re putting your health in danger. That’s the same reason why I say that this country needs a law that makes smoking illegal. Smoking affects disabled, pregnant, seniors, teens, children, and babies.

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