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May 17, 2013
By ClaireBearStare BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
ClaireBearStare BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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Heterochromia is something you don't hear of very often. It's uncommon, it's different, it's unknown; it's me. It's described as, "a beautiful mutation." This 'mutation' is something that stays with me forever and affects my everyday life. It's a color mixture in my eye.
"What's wrong with your eye?"
" Did you know you have two colors in your eye?"
"Your EYE is so pretty!"
These are just a few of the comments I take almost every day. Yes, I do know my eye has two colors and I was born with it. Heterochromia is two or more distinctive colors in the eye. In my case, my left eye is half brown, half blue; and my right eye is all blue. I love my eyes, but sometimes it interferes with my life in the sense people always talk about it. I know people are going to comment on it, but sometimes people just say the oddest things. For many girls, I'm sure that their eyes are something they want to stand out and be beautiful, same as for me. However it's also a big part of my self esteem I live with. The effect of having eyes with different causing a sense of un-proportionality. My eyes aren't actually unproportional, but the colors give an illusion that they are.
Make-up can be a struggle. They make different mascaras for different eye colors, so a lot of time I wear two different mascaras for each eye. Now, I know that probably soy des bizarre and you are thinking this girl looks like a clown freak, but I promise in the end my eyes look the same for mascara wise. Also, another struggle can be simply in class. Throughout a time in school a teacher has once eventually told the class to split up my the color of their eyes. I never know which side to go! It's always pretty funny because I just stand there and debate on which side I like better. So in some ways, my eye can be beneficial.
I personally only know of one other person who has heterochromia. Her name is Haley and her eyes are solid two colors. Her left eye is solid brown and her right eye is solid blue. Me and her became friends by the common fact that our eyes were the same. We could relate in that way of being unique and sharing common experiences revolving our eyes. A lot of times when people say we are weird we always team up and show off that we are special and different and others are just jealous. I think a lot of people can be mean sometimes because they are jealous.
Every person is born different. Even twins have something about their appearance or personality that is slightly different. My eye is my characteristic that defines who I am. It makes me memorable and different. Less than 6/8 of the world’s population gets this generic difference. I am proud to be a part of that percentage and to be unique. Teenagers should be proud of their flaws or originality aspects, and not be shy to hide them. I have learned to love my, “beautiful mutation,” and accept it. It is something I can not control, I was born with it, it is a gift that I must not hide.

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Its personal

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i have heterochromia. One of my eyes are green the other one is hazel/brown