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December 26, 2008
By Anonymous

You want to hear the full story... well, okay...
Wendsday _ pop my tumb out then back in at drill practice (exhibition). later that night my hand starts to swell
Thurs _ morning hand is swollen, by 1600 i couldn't use my left arm (it was swollen, my hand was discolored and swollen and freezing, as in no circulation) and i went to the ER (where i had a small kaniption at the doctors, where i yelled through my tears i wasn't going home with a blue hand till they knew what was wrong with me)(oh and it was in the ER the nurse said hope theres a vain here right before she stuck the 2 inch IV into my arm, there was no vien or artery... so now i have a huge ugly painful bruise)
Fri- Today _ i was admitted into 2 different hospitals. i had a battery of test from MRIs to X-rays and had 6 needles stabbed into me, 15 diffent viles of blood drawn for 13 tests *but one of the shots they gave me though an IV mad me radioactive... how fawsome is that?*. i've been pumped with morphine and other pain pills, none of which worked. they had me dip my arm into water 104 degrees for 3min then into a trashcan of water that was 40 degrees for 1min, THAT IS PAINFUL! i've had therapist tourture me so i could use my arm agian, cause when i came into the ER i was unable to move it. i've baffled doctors with my hyper sensitiviey and other stuff... that they kinda gave up gave me and electronic thingy and diagnosed me with PAIN. and at 1600 today i was released, exactly one week after being admitted to the ER.
there you go, the whole story.
the hopital discharged me... i'm back in civilization! not fully functional, but outta the hospital... long story short i got a minor injury that kinda ended up with my whole arm getting messed up.
oh well
i still gotta replug myself in with this little charger thingy... it shoots little pulses through my arm and if i turn it up high enough you can see my arm go all twitchy like, but that kinda hurts so dont ask me to do it.
but seriously people
apparently i'm a mystery. (sorry bout my spelling, brain turned to mush in there) i mystified many doctors, so many that they finally diagnosed me, with pain...
no crap DOC., i'm sitting here as a shivering ball of tears and snot not being able to move my arm. it never crossed my mind i might be in pain...
yup pain in left upper extremity (my left arm).
thanks for the support i got (aka ballons and cookies and cards and calls and visits. I LOVE YOU ALL)

Mucho love

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