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Survival of the Most Popular

October 2, 2018
By Melody2002 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Melody2002 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I highly agree and connect to the article "Survival of the Most Popular", Natalie Toledo went through something smilar then me so I completly understand what she was trying to communiare. When I moved from Cuba to the U.S. I did't know what to expect, but from the movies I had seen I believed that the only the prettiest clothes, and look the nicest so I would be accepted. Days later I had made a few friends, but I realized that they didn't like me or wanted to be friends because of how I dressed or how popular I was, they were my friends because of how I acted, and because of my personality. Thank you Natalie Toledo for writting this article because this might help many kids who feel insecured to feel better and not worry too much about popularity. 

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