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Feedback on A Note To Brett Kavanaugh

November 6, 2018
By jonelleskylarr BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
jonelleskylarr BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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      “A Note To Brett Kavanaugh” written by Rian Miesen is an artistically crafted poem that has such unexpected language and meaning. It incorporates so many things that aren’t just what you would normally think of out of the blue when criticizing someone. The writer of this piece is censuring Brett Kavanaugh for the assault allegations of several women. She critiques that “...the simple knowledge of consent is to complicated for your [Brett Kavanaugh] tiny prefrontal cortex to take in.” She scatters her disapproval of him through each stanza so effectively, really showing her distaste. The words used where’s so strong and so perfect for this composition. 

      As a young woman, I feel like this topic is something very strongly affects me and this person put her strong belief out into the world in a form of art. I loved how she based it on something  so current and strongly supported herself with powerful phrases that really make a person want to think about what she is saying. I can feel so much emotion through her words. “The bodies of women are not chess pieces and I can’t believe we have been saying that for a hundred years. Is it really that hard to understand.” I think this person did an amazing job with the poem and it forces you to reflect on what is going on in the country, specifically with the Brett Kavanaugh controversy, and question your view if you don’t already support what she is saying.

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