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December 11, 2018
By CharlotteRotlander BRONZE, Ny, New York
CharlotteRotlander BRONZE, Ny, New York
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The piece, “Body Language”’, submitted by Emma Seybert, is a heartwarming, and, more importantly, relatable piece that teenagers can look to for self assurance. The piece is set in the mind of a high school girl, a girl who's insecurities overwhelm her to the point where they are all she sees. She is told she is fat, once, by one girl, and that's all it takes. Self hate overwhelms her and she doesn't recognize herself in the mirror anymore. The story ends with someone paying her a compliment and easing the pain she feels on the inside. The theme that plays out in this piece is that sometimes, one insult or one compliment is all it takes.
As a teenage girl who struggles with body issues and typical teenage insecurities, I found this piece to be intricately woven. The girl, who remains nameless, is abused and ridiculed, more so by her own mind than anyone else. A passage of the piece that made my heart catch in my throat is, “The letters F-A-T manifested into a serrated knife, slashing at my insides and leaving permanent scars.” One name. That's it. That's all it took to send her already fragile mind into a downward spiral of self doubt. This piece taught readers how much one offhand comment could permanently affect someone's life.

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