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Say it first (One of us has to)

March 26, 2019
By Melody2002 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Melody2002 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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In the article "Say it first( One of us has to)," Jordyn, the author of this piece, tells a great story about friendship and how important it is to not let distance break a friendship that you've had since your younger years. This article is very moving, especially to me since something just like that happned to me. When I moved from Cuba to come to the U.S i left all my friends since i was a baby behind, over the years we have lost touch, and at the moment I'm not sure if calling them friends is still accurate. The part of her story that i related most to, or at least was most emotonal towards was when she said, "Friendship is too valuable to be disrupted by something as insignificant as a few thousnad miles". The reason why I felt so moved by this quote is because it made me realize that I should at least try to contact my friends we had great times together, and they always were supportive of me, so i shouldn't let distance break that. I want to thank Jordyn for giving me the courage of contacting my old friends, and making me realize that I shouldn't give up on that friendship. 

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