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When My Trust Went Up in Smoke

November 1, 2019
By aliblyumin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
aliblyumin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“When My Trust Went Up in Smoke,” by Sophie Cavalcanti, is a short memoir about the time a teenage girl found out her cousin had started Juuling. Sophie’s cousin, Gigi, had been staying over at her house when Sophie discovered Juul pods in her drawer. Gigi denies the fact that she Juuls, but Sophie later spots her vaping in her room. I liked this article because of the fictional/realistic fiction feel to the story and the description of it, regardless that it’s a true memoir.

This is a good article to read for teens, especially at this day and age because of the new vaping epidemic. It shows the perspective of someone who’s loved ones have begun Juuling rather than the account told from the person vaping. A quote from the text that I found interesting is, “...I come across three small black and green plastic squares tucked underneath the smallest box. Gigi comes into the room and frantically slams the drawer shut.” All in all, “When My Trust Went Up in Smoke” is a great article to read, especially if you would want to experience the point of view of something different.

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