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     “I am worried for my generation. We seem so celebrity-obsessed, selfish and shallow.” These are the opening words of Alexandra M.’s “The Future.” Ms. M. asked 20 Canadian teens to identify a famous actress, then asked for the name of Canada’s prime minster. More people knew the actress than who led their nation. While this is shocking, I believe the group surveyed did not capture the intelligence and political awareness of our generation, and while Ms. M. is worried about the future for our generation, I am not.

To say that we are all selfish and shallow is not only wrong, but absurd and insulting. In fact, this magazine (where her piece appeared) is proof that Mazur’s fears are unfounded. Teens are writing magnificent articles about how they deal with many complex issues.

In addition to that, I have a friend who volunteers at a local soup kitchen, and my little sister has beaten many adults in heated political debates. A week ago, I attended a 14-year-old’s piano concert. She was amazing, and had even performed at Lincoln Center in New York City, one of the most prestigious concert halls in America.

If you are reading this, Ms. M., let me assure you: Do not worry yourself silly over our generation’s impact on the future. I am sure that all of us will find our own niche, even if politics may not be the right career choice for some of the teens you surveyed.

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