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By Anonymous

     I am writing in response to “What Doesn’t Kill You.” I would like to thank Sydney for writing about her teacher who went too far with her comments. I can relate because of a teacher at my school who started out as fun but has become bitter and rude. One example is how she humiliated a girl in front of the entire class. We were asked what size shirt we would need for an upcoming walk-a-thon, and the girl requested a small. Our teacher looked at her and said, “No, you definitely need a medium.” This may not seem like a big deal, but it would be a blow to almost any girl’s self-confidence. When this teacher comments on grades, appearance or something that should be kept confidential, she does not think about the other person’s feelings before


Before I read Sydney’s article I was upset and dreaded going to this teacher’s class, but now that I know other people are in a similar situation I feel like I can either learn to deal with such comments, or finally have the confidence to say something. School should not be a place where people are made to feel embarrassed. It is hard enough dealing with jokes and comments from immature students, let alone a teacher.

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