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Mustang Dreams Feed Back

October 1, 2007
By Anonymous

I can really relate to Sondra. I am just as obsessed with cars as she is. I can picture it now— me and my Lamborghini Murcielago sun reflecting off its fresh new coat of black paint. I slide my fingers on its metal coat. It is as cold as dry ice. I turn it on and the engine purrs like a cat. I turn on the headlights and they stand out like the eyes of an owl looking for mice in the forest. I sit in the front seat and feel the powerful engine rock the entire car like a stampede shaking the ground. But anyway it’s nice to dream. And for now that car for me is just a dream. But Sondra makes me feel I’m in the car when she says “ I feel the gentle breeze as I ease out the driveway.

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