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Change Is a Great Thing

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

I thought that “Teen Ink” is a great magazine for teens. The stories are very realistic and easy to relate to. They story I liked was called “Change Is a Great Thing” in the September 2007 issue. This story dealt with a depressed girl probably my age, whose best friend moved. One night a group of kids asked her to hang out and drink. Well, that girl drank herself unconscious and ended up in the hospital.

I think that a lot of teens can relate to this story maybe not the unconscious and ending up in the hospital part but the drinking part. As much as teens say they don’t drink, they do. No matter how many teens die from under age drinking or driving under the influence they don’t learn from it, until there best friend passes away or ends up in the hospital, like that girl.

Overall, I would definitely read “Teen Ink” again. The stories are real and easy to understand where they’re coming from as a teenager. My only hope is that teens will read and learn from these stories.

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