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Heroes Of September 11TH

September 22, 2008
By Jose Villafuerte BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Jose Villafuerte BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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As soon as I read the title "Heroes of Sptember 11th" by Alice A.I knew she would be talking about the incident of 9/11, without th heroes where would this world be getting it self into? Only heroes make diffrences in our world,there the one's who come and help when someone is in danger or is in a tragic accident,they save lives everyday and for what? to make this place a better society to live among.Even though most people dont know who these heroes are,we know we will never forget them for saving lifes."Its terrible" people saying on the tv when the incident "screams" this word describes the horrer in the article as it goes along.Everything that Alice I strongly agree with the every single word because without heroes who wouuld save us?Thank you ALice for telling people who the real heroes are in the world.

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