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Teen drinking

October 15, 2008
By Anonymous

I think what Sarah B. is saying is wrong because when kids ask their parents if they drank when they were a teen most of them say, ¡°Yes.¡± So I think it is okay to have an occasional drink. I know the facts about the bad things that can happen but that¡¯s just when kids don¡¯t think. I think a solution to car accidents is a free taxi-type service like a ¡°Safe Ride.¡± I think it¡¯s okay if you don¡¯t leave the house and if you¡¯re with the same gender. I think that people are going to want to try it. If they don¡¯t like it, they can just stop.

I think Sarah had a descriptive, on-topic piece that explained her thinking very well but I just don¡¯t agree with her.

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brittney said...
on Oct. 22 2008 at 4:37 pm
Teen Drinking I somewhat agree with Thomas. It is okay if you ask your parents if they drank in high school, but that still doesn’t give you a pass if they say yes. I like his idea of the iSafe ride. Except with high gas prices nobody will want to start a non-paying business. I am 50 – 50 on his opinion when he says it is okay to drink if you don’t leave the house and if your with the same gender. It is always good not to leave when you drink but on the other hand it is bad to drink.