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September 12, 2016
By Rafthecompass BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Rafthecompass BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Sara Gomez's article, "Views" was totally relatable to me. Like her, I was also hyped for Drake's new album in April. When it came out, I was pleased. Sara wrote about the different emotion and energy all the songs on the album had to offer. The atmosphere had Drake's past and present self with some different vibes you can't explain because it's not him but enjoyable. For example "Weston Road Flows" was a song that is appropiate to play when you're just relaxing and not doing anything. But then there are songs like "Childs Play" which you play when you're happy and going out with friends. The album has a lot of diversity of songs that are made for different situations and that makes the album sensational. Thank you Sara for sharing your opinion on the album everyone should check out.

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