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March 25, 2009
By Anonymous

In today’s society there are silly fights and racist and prejudice people. Do you think people will change their beliefs to make a better world? I believe that people can change and be nice to one another. For example, if you are fighting with your brother or sister you usually end up forgiving them. So if we can do that I believe we can change our world and make it a better place to live in.

When I went to the Museum of Tolerance it taught me the importance of being nice to one another. I was nearly heart broken when they told us about the babies being thrown against a wall, or being thrown out of a window. Just because you’re a different color or Jewish doesn’t mean you should be treated as a piece of dirt. Everyone should be treated as an equal.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacoby showed me that I should never be greedy and take advantage of what I have. I felt bad because they didn’t have any thing and they were still making the best of it and I complain when I have nice clothes and food. I couldn’t imagine what they went through. They taught me the importance of saying thank you to my mom and dad and how to be grateful for everyday of my living, breathing life.

Paper clip is a video where children from other schools save up paper clips to honor the people who died in the holocaust. This video really meant a lot to me and I feel we should, as a school, save up paper clips as well. The paper clips symbolize every person who died. It is a very large number and I don’t think many people know just how many people died. This is a great way to show everyone how many died under Adolf Hitler’s plan to kill the Jewish population.

All in all, I believe tolerance can be accepted because there is a little kindness in everyone. I think if we stop all the hatred and violence our world would be a better place to live. I have learned about Hitler more, and about the Jacoby’s and how they were in hiding and at death camps. I also learned not to be greedy and how to be nice to any one you meet or see.

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