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A Voices Power

April 30, 2021
By Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
Sweetheart-Frog GOLD, Warsaw, Indiana
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A voice carries with it the power to change existence, to open doors, or slam them closed. It can cry out with soft harmonic melodies, or scream its pained breaking silence, speaking internally and projected outward. Such a powerful instrument the body often traps in silence, quieted by the pained numbness in the heart, and the never ending swelling of darkened thoughts. Every voice individually is powerful, silent yet with it can begin a rapture of which causes a rising symphony of voices that break silently into son before reaching those loud beautiful notes, melting even the coldest cracked hearts. Beautiful, absolutely sweet, honey enriched voice, crying out to the world. How poisonous another's voice can be, how swift can its poison begin to spread through the heart and mind. This is where the heart begins to fault itself and the mind darkens, it poisons the thoughts spreading within it lies of painful discontent. The perception is cracked, shattered, forever seeing the world through a broken lens. This is power, the power to speak into existence peace, or to preach the creation of suffering, greed, and torment. Listen to that voice, its swelling inside the heart, causing spasms of beats pulling the body from its darkened hole. Listen and be enveloped by the body's ever flowing passion, expressing outwardly to the world through a cry of power and triumph. Its voice tells the story of its heart and soul, it preaches its journey, leaving its silence beautiful thoughts and memories, a melancholy birth of thoughts and overcoming ignorance. A voice beginning to stir up the tides of change, and bring with it the equality and emergence of heart, mind, and soul. Beyond, race, sex, or destinction. It will speak to the masses, bringing forth all the world's merciful wrath. An oxymoronic for a troubled lie, a complicated ever changing pandemic spreading throughout the body's inhabitants. Strip away the body, its flesh and bone, left behind is a glowing orb of color, and emanating from it is a sound, quiet yet in some way echoing. Listen… listen to it… It's changing as yet another voice joins the chorus. Another, and another, its distinction mixed, darkened, and still enveloped in brightness, a soul full of stars. Laughter bursts forth, hands form a unifying pact to speak with the same voice as one unified world. The eyes begin to weep, and the mind and heart begin to reshape and heal, all from the simplicit awakening of vocal power. Speak now, cry out to the masses, make them listen, preach to them your sermon of life and equality. Make their bodies shiver and eyes melt with empathetic love towards those within this world whose bodies are dark, bruised and broken., and their voices begin to break and sputter out an apologetic cry of utter sorrow and regret. Let love sing. 

The author's comments:

The sixth story in my Collection of thought, let your voice be heart. No barriers will hold back that power you keep inside.

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