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November 18, 2009
By Claire_Milan PLATINUM, Waldorf, Maryland
Claire_Milan PLATINUM, Waldorf, Maryland
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"Love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest, hurts the deepest, and feels the strongest because True Love cannot be found where it truly doesn't exist nor can it be hidden where it truly does."---A wise young man

Prejudice today has caused a dark cloud to settle among the world’s cultures. Prejudice is more than just a thing of race. It can be as cruel as discriminating against someone because of their race, or even so cold-hearted as walking by a handicapped person without offering to help. These judgements teach all the wrong traditions to younger generations, but what is worse is the fact that these harmful habits have been accepted into society as common social practices!

Aside from the fact that there is no logical motive for it, the evil that hides behinds prejudice is another unattractive form of hatred. There is no justifiable reason for anybody to hate a fellow human. And the fact that will be disagreements, no reason can be found for why there is so much hostility in this world. Things like sharing thoughts of dislike for a person or not even trying to get along with the other person, is a complete waste of our time. It seems so very easy to rudely comment on the person who does not have the best styles of clothes; yet so hard to share a simple smile when walking down the street.

Ridding these streets of darkness can start small. I try to erase the lines by including everybody in any activity I participate in. I’ve lived in a multi-cultural environment my whole life; therefore I do not see the need to ignore certain people because of their status, their race or their ethnicity. This is a simple concept; even for those who have not always lived in such diversity. The thought towards people of different races, ethnic groups, and monetary status should be seen as a chance to experience a new side of the world; an opportunity to bring change for the better to that culture. Yet too many today take that opportunity and abuse it. Instead of changing for the better, we find ways to build nuclear weapons that can be used to attack others. It is a common cliché, but nevertheless it is true: Violence is not the answer. The answer is learning to forgive each other their wrongs and extending love to them, just as Christ did during His ministry on earth. What type of world would it be without the violence, and the hatred of prejudice?

The world today could benefit greatly from a little love and when Americans, Japanese, Arabians, Russians and all other people can come together to learn to accept each other for who they are, despite of their differences, harmony between brothers will grow seeds of prosperity and peace throughout the land.

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