Firestorm | Teen Ink


November 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Emotion erupts from the center of my being
Corrupting, destroying, relentlessly angry
Blinding my very eyes, heart and soul from seeing
The damage I could cause so easily

A rage of malice and tormenting thoughts
Throws me, spiraling, into fits of remorselessness
The rage towards losing what I sought
Thrusts me into feelings of painlessness

My anger knows no master, save me
And I control it when I choose
Unless my feelings and anger agree
With my sore desire not to lose

But it is not what I have lost
Simply what I have not yet gained
That throws my heart into icy frost
And my mind redoubles what I have pained

Pulse pounding in my wrist
Veins pulsing with hate
Firing a punch that never missed
Leading a conscience to a long lost fate

Feelings corrupted, I walk in the dark
Daylight hours fading into nowhere
No one to hear a lost remark
The white abyss of anger is where

My self is lost and my feelings control
What is my body and heart
While I am lost, no more than a soul
Trapped inside with anger’s start

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