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October 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Goths, Preps, Jocks, Emos, Burnouts, Stoners,Sluts,Cheerleaders, "Gangstas", Thugs, "The Band." We all know what these are: they are the cliques common in the school. Other things riddled in High School: hypocrisy, secrecy, cover-ups, backstabbing, gossip. We all know it’s there, and generally, everyone does it. Teens judge people by their looks without even realizing it; they look, and see how someone dresses, and instantly decide whether they’ll be nice to them or not. The right thing to do, in this case, is seen as the harder thing. Talking to someone new, someone who looks a little different, that is the only way to get to know someone. By taking this step and breaking the barrier, teens can be happier. When they get to know the people, they’re making true friends, because they passed no judgment, whereas their other “friends” turn on them for not conforming to the clique. This is where the cover-ups and lies come in; when two people disagree, they fight: as is human nature. In high school, the fight drags on: rumors start, then gossip spreads, people lie to cover-up what they did, or didn’t do. All this goes through the downward spiral of society and eventually ends up back where it began, and the people are forced to confront each other, as they should’ve to begin with. All this just complicated high school and makes what is supposed to be challenging, even harder.

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