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Tears Of A Soldier

June 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Walking through feet of contaminated water

Seeing bodies float up covering eyes of your daughters

A kid growing up from this tragedy

Learning that you have to survive to live happily

Getting rejected shelter from caucasians

Army soldiers throwing food at us like we were dogs

This soldier has seen it all

Having to climb fences, sleep on interstates just to survive

I Thank GOD everday that I'm even Alive

My tears haven't been spilled but I'm glad my tears will yield

Wait for that napkin or towel to wipe up my tears of joy

I made it through the water is my testimony

Bar-B-Q on the top of our roof, watching the cops pass by

Saying their coming back for us knowing ther alleging a lie

Tears of a soldier is the best tears of all

Showing how you struggle and still stand tall

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