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The Oppressing Nature of this Prejudice World We Call Home

May 2, 2008
By Anonymous

If I may, I’d like to propose my thoughts to you. An essay, if you will, expressing against the oppressing nature of this prejudice world we call home. You are not required to agree or follow within my preaching, but I ask of you to listen. Listen with the sense of hearing you were fortunately granted with from our Creator. I speak not for myself but for all who fill the soles similar to my own; for the weak and the strong, the elderly and the young, the open-minded, and followers of hearts. For love is blind, hence it recognizes no boundaries, whether it be bold or subtle. We not only love, but we rejoice in the vision we have been given. We see past sexism and gender roles, and instead see the beauty that resides within the soul, opposed to what appears on the outside flesh. We do not judge, we find love to come naturally with whomever we happen to dote amorously upon. Perhaps it may not seem like it, but it is as familiar for us to love as it is for you.

For we all bleed the same viable blood, it flows throughout all of our veins, and it seeps from all of our wounds. The bitter tears we taste trickle down all of our faces, and we were all born from our mother’s womb. For in our creator’s eyes, we all are equal, all loved and cherished. We are indeed sinners, but just like the rest of humanity, we are simply human. We are not foreign, nor that of an alien species, we prominently surround you. We are friends, we are loved ones, we are co-workers. We are classmates, we are authority figures, we are role models. We are children, we are parents, we are acquaintances. We are heroes, we are passer-bys, we are people. We are everyday people whom do not deserve to be punished, who do not deserve to be judged. We do not deserve to follow rules conjured by an ignorant, unenlightened mind, written by an unjust hand, but one of justice and peace. We have no right to live under the conviction of being tagged “immoral”, “unhealthy”, and “wrong”. For we are not shameful people, I for one am immensely proud of my broad-minded views and vast heart. If granted the opportunity to blend, the chance to mesh in amongst soceity's narrow-minded fellowship, I would most willingly decline, hastily by all means. I refuse to conform to their convent of hypocrisy, denial in the truth of equality. Quality of pure life is what they lack, yes, that is surely the reason!

We are an oppressed people, willing to stand up against the closed-minded ones, the committers of hate crimes, the looks of shame and disgust, the disapproval and disdain, and the religious banishments. We do not express ourselves in colors of blue and pink, black and white, but every color of the spectrum. We live a kaleidoscope lifestyle. We are bright and vibrant, we radiate pride. Unfortunately because of your tenacious sentiments, some of us are forced to secrecy. To deceive about ourselves, so your contradicted society runs smoothly. In your eyes we are that ounce of imperfection among your immaculate human race. The kind of person you are ashamed of, the people you hide your faces from in disgrace, as if we are the plague itself. We are the rejected ones, deemed and bound to be discriminated against, and turned away from. The ones you lead your children from, shielding their eyes from the truth that lies before them. You preach of our “wrong-doings” unto them. You take advantage of their innocence and naïve thoughts, and they believe you entirely, because they know no better. Your derogatory slander will no longer bring us down! You are under the assumption you can convert us, cure us, but you once again prevail to be incorrect. Your statements will not fester in our heads for us to contemplate into the wee hours of dawning. You shall never change us.

We are reaching out. Stand up for what you believe in! Be who you truly are! Laugh in the face of false pretenses, banish contradictions, and ward off the urging pressures to relinquish your efforts. Tune out the discouraging voices around you. Express yourself, not only be victorious in the battle but win the war of oppression by being yourself. Follow your heart, love freely. For as this world turns the hatred only thickens, the pain only grows, but the liberation we feel must be created by ourselves. We must fight for our rights! So who is with me? Stand up for those in need, combat the ignorance. We are people. Flesh, bones, and blood. We. are. people. This is who we are. This is who we are proud to be!

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