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Critical Differences

July 17, 2008
By Anonymous

The war with Iraq has turned into an imperialistic struggle. After the disaster of
9/11, the U.S. has taken action by seizing the country under their control. Not only has the U.S. been fighting and waging war with Iraq , but they have taken efforts to change and control the country. The army has made efforts to stop any terrorist operations. The U.S. have made efforts to push American ways, rules and customs into the country. Some examples are the view that women shouldn’t have to be covered up, or they should not live in fear of speaking up., or how the Iraq’s death penalties may be to harsh. Though it may seem that the U.S. army being there may seem as a god-sent to this foreign country forcing its just ways on it, one has to feel bad for the innocent lives lost in this struggle of warfare.

Ever since 9/11, many of the American people have looked differently of anyone who looks like they came from the middle east. Naturally, people have looked for someone to blame the catastrophic event on. Many people today criticize anyone who has a long beard, wearing a turban, and has and olive complexion. Many criticize their religion , how they talk, how they act, and how they dress. The way they talk and act are played out in skits on comedy channels and can even be found on you tube. The way they dress definitely doesn’t match with the blue jeans and t-shirts other people wear. The news reports how their religion is odd and how it despises the American people. Suddenly, people don’t feel the same buying a stick of gum and a tank of gas from the Indian/ Iranian guy behind the counter; without thinking about how their country is hoarding up the gas and driving up the gas prices. Others feel uncomfortable being in a taxi in New York City with a Indian Iranian guy at the wheel. One must wonder if this guy hates them too, like the news says they do, and if their safe with this guy whose wearing a turban behind the wheel. Their ‘ different.’ Unfortunately, the media can cloud ones thinking, making the American people a very ignorant and critical people.

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