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different or just normal

August 16, 2008
By Anonymous

I don't want to tell my friends, what if they look at me differently than I did before.
"I'm sorry I don't go to church." I smiled, but then there was that question the one that still lingered.
"Why?" I was nervouse but, I knew I had to aswer.
"I'm ot christian, I'm wiccan." everyone around me seemed so shocked that all this time they had been friends with some one who didn't believe in one god but, also a goddess and karma. Of course they all instintly thought I was worshipping satin but, thats not the case. There are other religions out there and though christianity makes up a large part of the world, chances are that you know someone who isn't a christian wether they be jewish or muslim or wiccan. Having a different religion doesn't make you evil, I would never lie or cheat or steal. The truth is I was so nervouse because I knew that they would try to get me to go to church and be a christian like them and I have lost friends before after they realised that I didn't just believe in one god. People who aren't christian don't try to turn you over to thier religion and it can be very scary when people try to. Just because I'm wiccan doesn't mean I'm a bad person, I'm just like you. I go to school and I love to write poetry, part of me wants to be famouse, I want to date and go out with friends, I hate home work and like to talk on the phone, I have a myspace and play video games. So why is it that people should treat me any differently, they say that they want to save me from an after life I don't believe in, when I just want to hang out and have fun. I'm not telling you to not ask questions about religion, or to doubt your own, all I'm asking is that you don't cast out your friends who you have so much in common with just becasue they aren't like you in one way.

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on Nov. 7 2008 at 3:57 am
I can really relate to your article! I don't go to church and I am not any religion. I believe that one religion shouldn't be given more attention than another. I believe that no one should be expected to be Christian or Jewish or anything. It's unjust that you lost friends because of your beliefs! You really expressed your message well and keep on writing!!! :-)