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A Friend's Pride

December 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When you pride takes over of whom you are, then your world should shatter and when your heart gives in, all love should float away. But I have a different story, a story that goes against all of my belief, and yet I have not run away from it and only dealt with it. I have dealt with my friend’s unexplainable sorrows and exaggerated stories, but she only keeps going on an on with her pride.

When she complains about others, she has no right, her pride for her self sinks in and she bubbles with giddy and her heart erupts with laughter. I feel happy that my friend is happy, but her “pain” is never pain, it translates to my pain. When she is complaining about a teacher I sympathize with her, but when I complain she says nothing. A blank pool of nothingness floats in her minds as her pride puts a mask around her face and all wanting to be the best friend I could ever be becomes more and more prominent in me. I will never stop being her friend even though her consideration for me and for my anguish is not there, but I will always remain loyal and honest.

I will be there whenever she needs me because I am the only one around. She only tells me those friendly whispers that you see friends always doing, when I am the only one around, everywhere else, it is always someone else. Obviously, I will never neglect her; my personality is literally based upon the Constitution. I am not insecure, only sorry I was never a good enough friend to her. Her pride will always be a mark on me sleeve.

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