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We Are All Equal

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

The sad truth comes out through the mouths of many people. People look down on those who can't afford everything they want. They don't give those people the time of day. Does money really matter? Or is it the social class that people really focus on? Maybe it is both. I wish those who had excessive amounts of money would get past their selfishness, and actually look at what lies within.

I was watching this show on television called “True Beauty”. The people on the show are very pretty and good-looking people, but on the inside they were horrendous. Some of their personalities reeked like old eggs. On one of the challenges, the contestants had to go out and buy three outfits with only 100 dollars. One team faked a charity to win the challenge. In reality they were being judged on how they got the clothes not how cool they looked. Their team ended up loosing, but that gave the judges a true look on the inside. These people were rude and snotty because they were very cocky and thought they were the best because they had beauty. They really were some of the lowest people I could have ever seen.

People are judged like a book is judged. But they are not books they are human beings. They deserve respect and the same privileges and opportunities as others receive. When God created us, he created us as equals. He did not intend for his earth to become a big world of judgment. He wants all humans to be respected and loved by one another. He wants his children to look past the appearance of their colleagues.

Having lots of money is being poor, but being less fortunate is being rich. You don't need money to be happy. All though some people have to ask for support with finances doesn't mean they are horrible people with serious problems. It means that they are struggling just like everyone else.

You go to the grocery store and see a young lady holding her baby buying her groceries for the week. She pulls something from her hand bag and hands it to the clerk. You lean over curious to see what it was. The cashier stares at the young woman and looks down her nose at her. The young lady lifts her baby and clutches her close to her chest. Trying to hide away from the humility. Should this be humiliating? Buying food with food stamps. Or should the cashier take it and not give any thought towards the meaning of using food stamps? The young lady should not have to hide away from the glaring eyes of those around her. No one should take using food stamps as something bad. Something that is needed and people are being looked down upon.

The United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. We take that to our advantage. But do we take it too far? Do we look at our money as something sacred? People in the lower social classes are like lost puppies. Waiting to find someone who won't turn their noses up at them. Someone who will take them into their home. Someone who will look at them for who they are not their empty pockets.

Our economy is going down hill. We are running out of money. We have many things that we have to pay for. Wall street is in a 7 billion dollar debt, taxes are going up,and we still have very high gas prices. Some people ride bikes, walk or even jog to their destinations. All to avoid high prices. Very smart. But have you ever thought if some people are forced to do this? If they can't afford to drive a luxury car, all because of money? But when you meet those people, I bet you don't even know that they will be riding a bike home instead of jumping into a Mercedes. This is because you actually took the time to talk to others, instead of saying “they don't have brand name clothes, I can't talk to them”. Not all do this but a majority do.

So next time you see somebody hand the cashier a food stamp, don't look down your nose, don't judge them. Look at them and say “ You are human being and are equal with me, good luck.” Don't say “Ugh, using food stamps? Well why don't you go find a job” Because sometimes they can't get jobs.

Help them, talk to them, let them know you actually care. Don't let your social class or your wallet stop you from going up and saying hi. Don't let anything come between the respect for another human being or the courage to say something nice.

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